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A skincare line from Europe that is trying to establish itself in the US market. They were struggling to gain traction with an already recognizable brand.

They reached out to us to help improve their visibility for a new US-based dealer.

Campaign Breakdown

Ads Strategy

When we first started working with Dermacol, their biggest problem turned out to be Amazon. It was aggressively taking over a lot of the spaces on the ads. So, basically, the company had to compete on their own products with this giant. However, in the last six months, they started working on their SEO & Ads to fix the trademark issue, and that’s when we came in.

Competing with retailers as big as Amazon and eBay that are reselling their products two times cheaper, led them to an inefficient budget spend on ads with low returns.

So, we had to change that strategy and make it work for them.

Firstly, we focused only on branded keywords rather than targeting more generic make-up keywords. They’re less competitive, and they bring more relevant traffic, which means they’re less costly but with a higher ROAS.

Then we set up remarketing campaigns targeting email subscribers and in-market audiences, which proved to be very successful.

Ad Campaign

Key Results

The Google Ads Campaign showed incredible results.

SEO Strategy

As always, we conducted an initial website audit to fix all top priority issues. And the first thing we noticed was that their non-branded keywords crashed around August 2018. We figured the Medic Update most likely hit the site and we set out on a mission to bring those keywords back to life. So, we decided to move the brand towards a non-branded keyword direction (when new customers search for products regardless of brand).

We performed extensive keyword research to discover new topic opportunities such as tattoo & scar covering, makeup artist, and drag queen makeup. Then we set up a content strategy to support our research and establish Dermacol as a makeup expert. Meanwhile, we also launched a backlink building strategy focused around Dermacol’s top-selling products, the new pillar article, and the blog posts.?

Currently, we continue writing one high-quality SEO-optimized article per month. So far, we have created six. Moreover, we have optimized more than a hundred page titles and meta descriptions, including pages, products, collections, and blog posts.?

Since the client decided to combine SEO and Google Ads, we ensured their product page titles and meta descriptions were optimized for Google Shopping Campaigns as well.?

As for now, we still monitor the site monthly and fix any issues that come up from time to time. We also track Dermacol’s ranking keyword positions to discover new optimization opportunities.

SEO Campaign

Key Results

The SEO Campaign also showed unbelievable results

Our “Drag Queen Makeup 101” pillar article was published on April 25th, 2019. In just 4 months, it’s ranking for 275 keywords and is the second most visited page globally (12% of Dermacol’s traffic).

We’ve been using Zima Media SEO & PPC services since 2016, couldn’t be any happier with their performance. I would highly recommend!

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